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Florida Road Signs Practice Test Questions and Answers

Florida Restricted License Practice Test on - Road Rules Questions and Answers
1. This road sign means:
A left turn is not allowed from any lane.
Traffic in all lanes must turn left
A left turn is allowed from the adjoining lane only; all other traffic go straight ahead.
Only a left turn is allowed from the left lane; traffic in the adjoining lane may either turn left or go straight ahead.

2. This road sign means:
Slow down, children at play.
Come to a complete stop ahead
Pedestrians stay on sidewalk.
Watch for pedestrians crossing the roadway.

3. This road sign means:
Come to a complete stop.
Reduce your speed.
Stop only if other vehicles are approaching.

4. This road sign means:
Sharp turn to the right.
Double curve, left then right.
Sharp turn to left, then right.
Pavement ends

5. This road sign means:
Side road ahead.
You may drive in the left lane.
You have the right-of-way.
Stay on the right side of the roadway.

6. This road sign means:
No right turn allowed.
Curve ahead.
Turn either right or left.
Travel only in the direction indicated by the arrow.

7. This road sign means:
All traffic must turn right.
Side Road
No right turn.
All traffic must go straight ahead.

8. This road sign means:
Flagger ahead, slow down and be prepared to stop.
Stop only if other vehicles are approaching.
Yield the right-of-way.
Soft shoulders.

9. This road sign means:
Dead End
No U-Turn.
No right turn.
All traffic must go straight ahead.

10. This road sign means:
Divided highway ahead.
Road narrows, right lane ends.
Hill ahead.
Truck crossing.

Florida Class E Learner License and Restricted Class E License Permit Exam Questions and Answers

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