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Alcohol can damage your liver, esophagus, stomach pancreas and heart.

Question: True or False: Alcohol can damage your liver, esophagus, stomach pancreas and heart.

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Heavy drinking can damage vital organs including the liver, heart and pancreas. Alcohol irritates the lining of the esophagus and stomach, increasing the risk for inflammation, tearing (ulceration) and bleeding of the stomach lining. Over time, heavy drinking can damage the brain and impair memory and thinking. Alcohol's Effects on Other Body Systems
In addition to the brain, alcohol can affect other body tissues.
1. Irritates the linings of the stomach and intestine - This can lead to vomiting.
2. Increases blood flow to the stomach and intestines - This increases secretions by these organs, most notably stomach acid secretion.
3. Increases blood flow to the skin causing person to sweat and look flushed.
4. Reduces blood flow to muscles leading to muscle aches.

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