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Q - Alcohol in excess of ________-proof will absorb more slowly because it irritates the stomach.

Question: Alcohol in excess of ________-proof will absorb more slowly because it irritates the stomach.
A) 30
B) 40
C) 60
D) 50

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The higher the alcohol the slower it will absorb in the stomach and in the body. Alcohol will pass more slowly through the stomach if you've eaten recently, allowing for more of it to be broken down before it reaches the liver, so eating before or while drinking really does slow down your buzz. And that's a good thing! Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol irritates the lining of the stomach and intestines, which brings on nausea or vomiting, delays alcohol absorption and prevents it from entering the small intestine.
The amount of alcohol in distilled liquor is known as proof. Proof refers to the amount of alcohol in the liquor; for example, 60 proof liquor contains 30% alcohol, 50-proof=25% alcohol and 40-proof=20% alcohol.

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