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____________ keep people from doing things they know are dangerous.

Question: ____________ keep people from doing things they know are dangerous.
A. Inhibitions
B. Individual personalities
C. Neither of the above

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HINT: The combination of muscles that can't respond to a signal that is coming from the brain later than it should, with a driver driving down the roadway, can be deadly. The reason that a person might make a choice to try to drive at this time is because of the diminished judgment they are experiencing. Judgment is affected because that center is located in the prefrontal lobe of the brain, which is one of the first areas affected by alcohol. The person does not realize how impaired they were because their judgment is depressed. This parallels the pattern that occurs with a person's inhibition. Inhibitions keep people from doing things they know are dangerous - like driving a car while impaired - but alcohol reduces inhibitions, so people take chances they normally wouldn't take.

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